Ethan is an australian photographer, based in Europe- developed his creative expression through his interest in fashion & Art for many years.

He graduated from Australia’s premier Fashion Design Institute-the Fashion Design Studio at East Sydney TAFE in the late 90’s.

Ethan’s world of fashion and travel introduced him to inspiring cultural experiences, which manifested in his growing interest in technology and the art of photography and the fascination with cameras. And there it began- his photographic journey.

Ethan has a cinematic art-style and inventive grasp of story telling combined with his vivid sense of atmosphere and scenic composition.

He approaches each project as both the creative director and the photographer, and at times the talent's step-in.

Ethan contributes regularly to Esquire Magazine, Architectural Digest, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, The Rake & other various International titles.

His commercial clients include Mercedes Benz, Gucci, Ted Baker,Louis Vuitton,Bloomingdales, Bentley, Harvey Nichols, Pandora and The Four seasons Hotels.