Ethan has had a varied and versatile career over many years and has excelled in all areas.

He graduated from Australia’s premier Fashion Design Institute-the Fashion Design Studio at East Sydney TAFE in the late 90’s.

It was during this time that Ethan modelled at the end of year parades. These parades attract fashion industry identities that are always on the lookout for the next big thing.

And it was at one of these events that Peter Chadwick (of Chadwick’s Models) spotted Ethan.

His teacher, the head of the Fashion Design Studio, advised Ethan to grab whatever opportunities came his way. Chadwick’s interest in Ethan started him on his way to becoming one of Australia’s leading models and to grace the catwalks internationally. He landed some national commercials and campaigns, which placed him in the spotlight.

Elle McPherson’s manager Stuart Cameron suggested Ethan would excel overseas...and he did!

He secured a campaign for Macy’s in New York and flew there as the first male-direct booking that year. During this time he modelled in catwalk shows in the USA, Italy and Paris for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Diesel, Moschino, Giorgio Armani, Byblos, Yogi Yamamoto and Versace.

During all this his love for designing never ceased to be an integral part of his life. With this passion he launched his own label, which continued for a few years and highlighted with his collection being shown at Australian Fashion Week. His design talent was obvious and an apparel group approached him from Hong Kong. He commenced work with the trading company where his work entailed introducing various design projects with renowned international brands including Levis, Ted Baker, Next UK and Paul Smith.

Ethan’s world of fashion and travel introduced him to inspiring cultural experiences, which manifested in his growing interest in technology and the art of photography and the fascination with cameras. And there it began- his photographic journey.

Ethan is a “picture-inventor” and thrives on the dramatic to get his vision across. His imposing cinematic trademark style is evident in his various photographic projects, videos and editorials. It is clear that his travel and life experiences have forged powerful Photo-visionary.

Ethan's cinematic art-style and inventive grasp of story telling combined with his vivid sense of atmosphere and scenic composition should see him as a name on the international photography platform. He approaches each project as both the creative director and the photographer, and at times the talent's step-in.

His personal projects and images are timeless and hold a distinctive but not always obvious story. They are thought provoking and tend to make one look beyond the surface.

In 2010 Ethan moved to Asia in the hope of finding inspiration in his pursuit of ideas and lifestyle. While there he produced highly ambitious photo shoots and formed an alliance with a truly professional crew- “brilliant” in his words. His images are based on real life and he refrains from digital manipulation where possible. He takes enormous pride in staying true to the original craft of pure photography.

A selection of Ethan Mann’s work has been compiled in a cinematic manner. This can be a great source for future exhibitions.

A significant feature of his commercial art is to make his concepts and photography the focus of the project rather than subordinating the visuals to the product and it’s labelling. He has strong, dynamic and alluring ideas that will dominate his career for years to come.