There is a story behind each of these faces that is made up of a combination of the circumstances-these people found themselves in, chance and what they chose to make of it.

No one really knows why some people come from nowhere to conquer the world while others are unable to overcome the challenges they face and still others seem to have everything handed to them on a platter that crumbles to dust in their hands.

Through depicting a selection of Australian personalities with a wide range of backgrounds and professional lives posing for mug shots, I wanted this book to serve as a reminder that we are all equal in value if nothing else – no one is perfect and we are simply lucky, nothing more, if our particular combination of choice and circumstance culminates in the strength and ability to overcome our challenges.

This book is also a chance for myself and the participants involved to give back to a city that has given so much to us, with some of the proceeds going to Local Parishes who has been covering neighboring areas for the past 30 feeding and housing the homeless in these areas.


The above images were taken during my ‘Homeless social experiment’ in the streets of Kings Cross in 2013. This was part of the journey in compiling the Photographic coffee table book titled// [X].